domingo, julho 26, 2009

Rant or something

Could be a rant or just a 'demons' exorcism', but I guess I, like everyone else, need a way of pushing issues out of my mind for a fake reliefs' sake or something alike. I keep asking myself why some people live their easy lives full of excitement and free happyness samples whilst others crawl into any kind of fulfillment. Perhaps one could blame on ones own life style, or view towards the world beyond them, that is exactly what I am trying to rely on nowadays due to fact that I am just not willing to give the fuck up, not just yet.
It is a little sad that the only confessional dashboard I can run to in the present moment is a pathetic blog which won't be read although it is relieving because I can keep the secret of how much of a loser I really feel.
Oh well, let's not be that negative as I had reached more goals than the average person born in the shit hole I was. Still change is the word I'm aching for to become real in life and it seems to be as uncomfortable as the pain lying within mediocrity.

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